Publications & Leaflets

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Step by Step Organic Gardening Booklets
Comfrey for gardeners
Grow Vegetables in lots of ways
Grow your own organic fruit – getting started
Organic by Design – creating an organic garden
Oriental brassicas
The Organic Lawn
Vegetables – a concise guide
21st century Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Leaflets
Basic Seed Saving
Crash course on flying Pests
Growing food on a budget
Growing organic herbs
Make your own Leafmould
On the trail of the Slug
Organic Soil Care
Starting an organic Allotment
The Cook’s Garden Planner

Organic Gardening Handbooks
All about Compost
Gardening without Water
Growing Fruit & Vegetables on a Bed System
Growing Naturally
Growing Under Glass
Managing Soil without using chemicals
The Small Ecological Garden

Garden Organic Books
Heritage Vegetables

Cook with Seasonal Produce by Maike Windhorst
Gardening for Wildlife
Grow Organic Eat Organic
Hens in the garden, Eggs in the kitchen
Kids in the Garden
Kids in the Wild Garden
Organic Gardening
Permaculture, A Beginner’s Guide by Graham Burnett
The Apple Cookbook
The Honey Cookbook
The Autumn Fruits Cookbook

Green Essentials – organic guides
Grow Vegetables
Create Ponds