More on Square Foot Gardening

Some additional information from Ron – following-on from the earlier post. “Square Foot Gardening grows food in just 20% of the space needed for conventional gardening.  Save space, save work, save time, save money. Easily adapted for children, the elderly and disabled people.” … [Read more…]

Update on Folly Chase allotments, Hockley (Planning Condition 43)

Progress to report on the provision of allotments in Hockley. The building of the houses on the Folly Grove site in Hockley is progressing. The developers (Persimmonn Homes) have told us that they anticipate first occupancy in October. This triggers a timescale. Plans for the allotments have to be lodged with Rochford District Council by the time of the first occupancy, which means we should start to see something more solid regarding the developers’ proposals for the allotments very soon. Naturally, we anticipate, ‘issues’ along the way but we’re keeping a very close eye on progress and will post when we have anything to report. … [Read more…]

Visit to walled garden at Riffhams

Saturday 12 August, 10:00: Visit to the walled garden at Riffhams (kindly arranged by SEEOG member Phil Fawcett) This is a visit using car-share. The address is Graces Lane, Little Baddow, Chelmsford, CM3 4AX. There’s full information on the estate at Phil says… “About eighteen months ago I was fortunate enough to start working in the walled garden at Riffhams. The house and garden were built in 1815 and designed by Sir Humphry Repton. The walled garden had been left fallow for many years before I started; It had been kept weed-free, the soil was left bare, so soil conditions are very poor. I have started to improve it by digging in humus and green manure plants. Part of the garden I have planted with wild flowers and made a bee garden with three bee hives. l have planted a fruit garden and the rest is formal vegetables.” … [Read more…]

A Note From Graham

Our AGM starts at 19:30 sharp on Monday 17 July and we look forward to seeing as many members as possible at Growing Together. The month of July is also the time when we must think about our subscription renewals (and even introducing a friend, relative or neighbour, perhaps?) Don’t forget the free draw for all members who have paid up by the end of July. … [Read more…]