Lauriston Farm, Goldhanger: June 2011

Lauriston Farm is situated on the Blackwater Estuary, just outside Goldhanger. It is a 125-acre fully Demeter certified Biodynamic holding with rare breed cattle and sheep, bee hives, laying hens, vegetables and woodland. Eighty-five per cent of the farm is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Within this, there are also two listed ancient monuments. Spencer Christie, who runs it, is a Permaculture Diploma Holder. Lauriston Farm takes great pride in showing people around and have been running farm tours for a few years. Each tour takes in all of the above through a relaxed and enjoyable walk. The tours are free of charge and typically last for two hours.

The last few pictures show the (former) Springstep Dairy at Mundon, near Maldon.

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