Still Pioneering: Food, Farming and the Peckham Experiment

In 1926, two Doctors in south London set up the Pioneer Health Centre, a unique health centre which placed good nutrition, organic food, social interaction and self-direction at its heart. Recognising that good health rested on much more than simply an absence of disease, the Peckham Experiment – as the Centre soon became known – remains a highly relevant and compelling example of the benefits of linking food, farming and health care provision. This talk by Kate McGeevor, Trustee and Secretary of the Pioneer Health Foundation, will discuss the unique approach employed by the Pioneer Health Centre and what we can still learn from its findings over 80 years later. Kate will give an overview of the Pioneer Health Centre and then talk more specifically about the food/farming aspect and the relevance to the present day. The speaker starts at 8.00pm. VENUE: Cheryl Centre, Growing Together Gardens, 47 Fairfax Drive, Southend-on-Sea SS0 9AG Please park in Prittlewell Chase and use the Fairfax Drive entrance. For a Google Map and Directions to the location; please follow this link. ADMISSION PRICE: Non-members £2.00 – everybody is welcome! EVENT CONTACT DETAILS: Carole Shorney (e-mail) 01702 201914   … [Read more…]

Nick Bali’s Warre Beehive

Nick Bali’s Warre beehive on 29 August 2011. He said “it’s nearly finished; it just needs 4 legs (easy) and 3 windows (not so easy) – I’ve decided not to use paint. It’s just had its second coat of oil.” To quote from an article by David Heaf, the Warre beekeeping expert in the U.K., Permaculture Magazine No 61… ” Warre beekeeping is far less intrusive than the conventional method; the only time the hive is disturbed is for a few minutes once yearly when a portion of their honey is removed. This means that the hive maintains a constant temperature and, most importantly, ends the practice of robbing colonies of most of their valuable nutritional reserves and replacing them with sugar syrup, which lacks the minerals, nutrients and other bee health- promoting substances found in honey.” … [Read more…]

Leading insurer lends its support

Rural insurer NFU Mutual is delighted to announce a new affinity partnership with SE Essex Organic Gardeners. From 1st September 2011, NFU Mutual in Chelmsford will work with the SE Essex Organic Gardeners, initially sponsoring Apple Day in October.  Clare Withall, Agent for NFU Mutual comments, “We are thrilled to work more closely with SEEOG.  NFU Mutual recognises the need to play an activity part in community life and we hope that SEEOG members will find the relationship of real benefit. Ron Bates, Chair, SEEOG said, “SEEOG is pleased to enter a partnership with NFU Mutual, who have a fine tradition of providing comprehensive home, garden and other insurances.” For more information contact NFU Mutual today.  Call Clare on 01245 464984 for a quote, or visit   … [Read more…]