The Soil Association’s conference on Community Supported Agriculture

We have received the following invitation from the Soil Association: Farming together: The future of CSA in the UK 16 September 2011, Bristol Come and join us to celebrate CSA, explore the diversity of enterprises, hear about CSA overseas and look to the future of CSA development in the UK. We recommend you book as soon as possible as we’re expecting it to be a popular event! Click here for the invitation. We look forward to receiving your booking. Kind regards Amanda Amanda Daniel Information and Marketing Coordinator CSA & Organic Buying Groups project Soil Association T: 0117 914 2424 … [Read more…]

Anti GM protest in Norfolk

We have received the following note, from Rachel Harries at the Soil Association: Hi there Thought you might be interested in this anti GM protest happening in Norfolk. Apologies if you have heard about it already! Join us for a family-friendly rally against ongoing blight-resistant GM potato trials! Gather for organic chips before travelling by coach, bike or tractor to the John Innes Research Centre to deliver to them our tried and tested non-GM blight-resistant spuds! Meet 12 noon, The Forum, Norwich, Saturday 23rd July 2011. For more info email: or to book coach seats/enquire about accommodation ring 01271 850 616. To gather under the Soil Association ‘No GM’ banner at the event contact Kind regards Rachel Rachel Harries | Programmes Department | Soil Association | South Plaza, Marlborough Street | Bristol BS1 3NX | t: 0117 987 4601 | m: 07795 528926

Garden Organic’s ‘I Don’t Dig Peat’ Campaign

Garden Organic’s ‘I Don’t Dig Peat*’ Campaign kicks-off today; with the launch of their new micro-website There is plenty of information on the site, including downloads and a template letter to send to garden centres and supermarkets – along with the opportunity to make the ‘Peat-Free Promise’ and see it added to the national total. (191, at the time of writing) *originally ‘Protect our Peat’ … [Read more…]

Beekeepers call on gardeners to plant bee-friendly plants and avoid pesticides

A survey carried-out by the the British Beekeepers Association, has found that Honeybee populations declined by 13.6% over the winter. Losses were most severe in the north-east, where the survey recorded a loss rate of 17.1%. Martin Smith, President of the BBA said “If this was measured against similar losses in livestock it would be seen as disastrous and there would be great concern on the knock-on impact of food prices.” The association is now calling on everyone who has a garden, however small, to plant bee-friendly plants this summer. They say “It is really important that there are flowering nectar-rich plants around in August, September and October to provide the nutrition that’s needed so the bees can top up their stores of honey in the hive to see them through winter.” Source: Article from today’s Guardian: British Beekeepers Association website: and Press Release … [Read more…]

Talks: ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ and ‘Wormeries and Organic Gardening’

‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ and the activities of the Waste Buster Volunteers, presented by AlistairBrudenell, PLUS ‘Wormeries & Organic Gardening’ presented by Jacqueline Wass. Please feel free to bring a few festive cakes along if you wish! The speakers start at 8.00pm. VENUE: Growing Together Gardens, 47 Fairfax Drive, Southend-on-Sea SS0 9AG Please park in Prittlewell Chase and use the Fairfax Drive entrance. For a Google Map and Directions to the location; please follow this link. ADMISSION PRICE: Non-members £2.00 – everybody is welcome! EVENT CONTACT DETAILS: Carole Shorney (e-mail) 01702 201914 Across the globe, we waste a third of all of our food. In the UK, this amounts to 16 million tonnes of food waste every year – with 40% going into landfill. Emma Marsh, from Love Food, Hate Waste, says that small changes in buying habits could make a huge difference. BBC Radio 4, 22 August     … [Read more…]