Essex Schools Food & Farming Day at Writtle College: Wednesday 7 June

By 07:30 the Writtle team (Ane and Ron, Carole and Vic, Jane and Sharon) were well on their way to Writtle, apart from Jane who managed an earlier arrival in time for a good breakfast in the canteen!

The weather was cool and breezy this year. The ground was a little churned up when we arrived, which meant we had to park a little way from our marquee – there was much lugging of plants, tubs and general SEEOG paraphernalia!

We were told to expect around 3,000 children from 63 schools at 09:45.

After a good start, we were constantly on our feet talking to children, teachers and some helpers/parents.

This year we were in the Crops Zone and had brought quite a few plants in pots and tubs, including potatoes, broad beans, lettuce and tomato plants, including some herbs.

We also took a compost display, complete with our trusty worms, showing three basic stages of
compost making.

The event ended at 14:30 and we eventually arrived home around 17:00. Well worth attending!

With grateful thanks to everyone who made this visit such a success again.

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