Section 106 outstanding issues re provision of allotments at the Folly Grove site in Hockley (Chairman, Hockley Parish Council)
Cllr Lesley Vingoe <> (Chair, Parish Environmental Committee)

You might like to add the Conservative District Councillors who represent the area of Hockley and Hockley and Ashingdon to the list to  write to, who have remained conspicuously silent and distant on the  subject.

Their email addresses are: (also on Parish Environmental Committee)

If the project is going to stand a chance of coming to fruition, we need to step up the pressure NOW.’

As Dan said: ‘Great work – on behalf of all of us, please keep up the pressure’

Please keep us in  the loop, also!

Happy writing, pretty please!!


Section 106 outstanding issues re provision of allotments at the Folly Grove site in Hockley — 1 Comment

  1. The issue centres around the following:

    There were a number of ‘conditions’ attached to the granting of building permission for the site known as Pond Chase Nursery, Pond Chase, Hockley. The conditions have legal standing within the granting of the planning permission. The condition relative to the allotments reads as follows:

    43. Prior to occupation of any of the dwellings hereby approved an allotment space measuring 2520m2 shall be provided in accordance with details which shall have previously been submitted to and agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority in consultation with Hockley Parish Council. Once agreed, the allotment space shall be provided in accordance with such details and be made available for use 12 months after completion of the development and be permanently retained for allotments.
    REASON: To ensure that sufficient allotment space is provided at the site to support the development and to accord with Policy SER3.

    This is taken directly from the relevant planning documents that are on Rochford District Council Planning Department area of the Council’s website. If you want to view the whole relevant document, type in ’15/00599/FUL’ in the planning search bar, on the website, then click on the file headed ‘Decision’. All the conditions imposed are in that file and are public. You will see from the list that it is in fact pretty impossible for the developers to have ‘missed’ the condition 43 re provision of allotments. So it is either total ineptitude or actively and willfully ignoring of the planning condition requirement by Persimmon’s management.

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