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An all-round green experience

If you wish to recharge and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the place for you. Silence is here only interrupted by the sounds of nature. At night you will sleep really tight and in the morning you will feel perfectly re-energized.

This is also a place where to detox by eating organic and living green. Gozo Green Living is situated in a quiet, bucolic area on the outskirts of Qala (Island of Gozo, Malta), at walking distance from some of Gozo’s most enchanting beaches, yet at 10-minutes’ walk from the main square and all village amenities.

We believe the best way to visit a country is to discover it slowly, savor it by walking or biking places. Close to our house, you can walk or bike to Hondoq Bay, Dahlet Horrot, San Blas Bay, and a few hidden gems that can only be reached on foot. We can provide maps to help you find them. Or you can take part in explorative walks guided by expert guides who know every inch of Gozo or hire them directly. 

Another exciting way to discover the island’s best kept secrets is by riding a horse. If you enjoy riding or would like to learn how to ride a horse, Gozo’s stables are located at five minutes’ walk from our house.


Our ORGANIC/FORAGED Italian breakfasts feature:

  • a kettle of infusion made of wild herbs that we pick in the area or organic Italian espresso or a latte, either with organic milk, rice or soy drink;
  • organic cakes and sourdough bread made with a mixture of stone ground whole meal flours;
  • homemade goat yogurt and/or local fresh cheese with wild herbs or wild rocket & fennel pesto,
  • homemade jam,

all fresh, local or even wild (we do a lot of foraging in the neighborhood) and sweetened with brown sugar. 

Local seasonal organic or wild/natural fruits will complete the morning menu or our homemade juice.

We are convinced that eating organic/natural, fresh (local) and whole food is a must do to keep healthy. Not only is organic/natural whole food non-toxic: because of the way it’s grown, it’s much more nutritious. Many of the modern diseases are caused by lack of nutrients in the industrial food we eat and the poisonous chemicals that it harbours.  

0-MILE FOOD We’re striving to use as much as possible locally grown vegetables and fruits, cheese from pasteurized milk straight from the shepherd in our neighborhood and locally produced oil in order to provide more delicious as well as nutritious breakfasts with no preservatives.

Most of our cakes are vegan, that is without animal dairies and eggs, as we believe that we eat way too much meat and too many dairy products. Many delicious recipes don’t use such ingredients.

BEDDING You will sleep in comfortable beds with bedspreads and bed-sheets in pure cotton or natural hemp, and washed with eco-friendly, atoxic detergents that don’t irritate your skin or that of your children’s. All our towels too are in pure cotton.


CLEANING To wash dishes and clean the house we only use natural or homemade detergents and soaps made following grandmother’s cleaning recipes.

Or we may use microorganism-based products, which represent a real change in paradigm compared to the old way. They do their job because the good bacteria in these household-cleaning products take over so the bad ones are eliminated.

We do not sterilize the environment by means of harsh, toxic solvents as they kill both the bad and the good microbes. And we need plenty of good microbes if we want our gut and immune system to keep healthy.

PLASTIC In our kitchen, plastic is non-existent and minimized all over the household. We store foodstuffs only in glass. We have long got rid of canned food (inside may be layered with bisphenol A) as well as non-stick pots and pans whose inside IS layered with poisonous perfluorinated chemicals.

WATER In Gozo, the groundwater is contaminated with nitrates from the fields and it’s mixed with desalinated sea water to lower their levels to make it drinkable. We have applied a reverse osmosis filter to our tap to filter away most contaminants and stop buying water bottled in plastic (that may release all sorts of chemicals, including dangerous endocrine disruptors such as phthalates or bisphenol A).  

Most of the washing-up water is reused to water our plants and vegetables as we don’t use toxic detergents.


In our house, waste is minimized. We have greatly reduced packaged products as we buy fresh and local and very few items from supermarkets. We buy fruit and vegetables without packaging and right from the farmers as much as possible. We also do a lot of foraging. We grow some vegetables on the roof and in a food tower.

We reuse glass bottles and jars, shopping bags and paper.

Some of our bio-waste gets composted in our house.


Silvio is a great lover of travelling, especially on foot: he has walked hundreds of kilometers through unexplored territories in the high Himalayas and Andes in his thirties and forties. He was the founder of an NGO to do charity work in Africa and a tour operator business in Albania, just after the dictatorship had fallen. Patrizia is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and media artist. “The Addicted Society”, a pamphlet against consumerism, “Paradise Found, the Parable of the Ecological Gardener”, “The Caravaggio Affair” and the investigative documentary “Allergy, the Toxic Burden” are some of her past works. Indefatigable green activists, we have created Perchebio, a multimedia web magazine on the nuts and bolds of living green that has got a soon-to-be-expanded English section. We’ve moved to Gozo to flesh out the principles we advocate on Perchebio and to complete greening our lifestyles, especially, we plan on becoming as self-sufficient as possible as far as water, energy consumption, and food are concerned.

For more information, please visit their website at http://gozo-green-living.qala.hotels-mt.com/

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