Spring Planting

The compost making session will be looking at the beginning, middle and end of process, with samples of each to look at and feel . To begin, we’ll talk about what soil is made of, and then how to make compost, which is a bit like soil and helps to feed plants.

Then we’ll talk about the rubbish we can recycle at home or school, to put in a compost heap. Jane will bring a selection of paper, cardboard, old plants, weeds, vegetable peelings, apple cores, cat & dog fur from brushes, old cotton clothing, old wool, wooden lolly sticks, etc.

We will include talk about the creatures that live in and on the soil.

There will be a compost sieving activity at the end, which children really enjoy, which we hadn’t anticipated, but is a real bonus!

This is what we do at our Essex Schools Food and Farming stall and works very well.

But they won’t actually be making compost on the day, which takes many months.


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  1. This event was a great opportunity to connect with people in the community and promote SEEOG and its principles. The feedback we received from the parents/carers was very positive: they said it was priced right; they felt they learnt a lot and the activities were ideal for the age group.

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