Local manure/mulch suppliers (updated 4/8/2018)

1. Pam Mitchell, The Grange, Murrells Lane, Hockley (Tel. 01702 207491) has a very good, old supply of manure. If you ring her first, giving a couple of days’ notice, she will arrange for a load to be brought to her farm gate to ease bagging up.

2. We have another provider of free manure, chemical free, in Barling, near Wakering:
Tel. 01702 219835

3. Mandy Chaplin’s free rotten manure is a mixture of horse, donkey, goat and pig. Her animals are fed an organic diet. You can help yourself to as much or as little as you want. Please ring Debbie on 07449 314 914 (Ashingdon).

4. Brook House Farm is a recycling centre just off the Five Bells roundabout on the A13 at Basildon. It recycles wood mostly from local tree fellers into logs, biofuels, bark chippings, mulch and compost and has a huge pile of excellent compost selling at £1 a bag or it can arrange truckloads for those needing larger amounts. Many of their customers bring a sieve to make sure they get the very best and finest into their bag. Please contact Bea Byford: brookhousefarmfobbing@gmail.com

5. Well rotted horse manure (Rochford). Danielle also has fresh horse manure to use in compost bins. Please contact Danielle Neadley; danielleneadley@gmail.com

6. Hockley Equestrian Centre, Church Road, Hockley, SS5 6AE: 01702 207166, 07748 490985.

7. Chicken manure (off Fairfax Drive, Southend-on-Sea), bagged and ready for collection. If anyone is interested, please call Anita on 07910 215 227.

8. Fay Collin (Althorne area) has well-rotted horse manure that has no shavings or straw, which can be picked up from her field if anyone would like to collect some: 07979 301 397.


Local manure/mulch suppliers (updated 4/8/2018) — 2 Comments

  1. Good list, thanks. There is also bagged fresh manure mixed with wood shavings off the round about near Angel Inn in Shoeburyness. Bagged in black bags outside the gate of the stables.

  2. Here is the street view where you can see the wooden entrance to the stables. Bags are left in the corner between the wooden fence and the brick fence. Enjoy

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