Southend in Transition Community Plot update

Team effort goes far… plot session 27/08/16 by Duncan Seath Re-invigorated by the cooler start to the day after the heat wave of late, Fiona, Jodi, Kamil and I keenly arrived at the plot first, to set up ready to welcome volunteers or visitors. There has been a steady flow of new faces and regular visitors this year and pleasingly today’s session followed this trend. We were very happy to welcome four plot first timers (or first time I’ve seen them!), Councillor for Kursaal ward, Helen McDonald, partner Jim and their friends Helen and Aisha.  A more frequent visitor on the plot recently, Jason, a poetry collective member, joined us just in time for lunch. It’s always great to hear Jason waxing lyrical on hot topics of mutual interest. As we always say, work in progress! … [Read more…]

Food Culture and Southend: Thursday 15 September, 14:00 – 17:00

Club Critical Theory: Essex Futures Conference Venue: Civic Centre Southend-on-Sea, Committee Room 4a (close to Southend Victoria and Southend Central railway stations) This includes: Food Cultures: Who is really setting the agenda in terms of policies on health and wellbeing in respect of what food we buy and consume? What can be done at a local level to improve ‘food cultures’ in the context of national policies which endorse a free market vision of society? Chair: Giles Tofield Evening drinks at the Railway Hotel … [Read more…]

Finding Food in London: Making parks and waste places fruitful

Food shortages and rationing brought by naval blockades during World War One meant producing home grown food became an essential part of life on the home front. City dwellers had their part to play in this, and Londoners were no exception, creatively transforming their civic spaces into productive places to aid “the growing of vegetables for victory”. Here, using recently uncovered material from the archive, we take a look at how weekly magazine, The Graphic, covered the sometimes rather incongruous conversion of well-known London spaces into fruitful Edens. finding-food-in-london-making-parks-and-waste-places-fruitful       … [Read more…]