Open Garden in aid of Send a Cow: Saturday 25 June, Leigh-on-Sea

After ‘Three Acres And A Cow’ (Cecily was there), she’s now opening her garden in aid of Send a Cow:


Saturday 25 June

10:00 – 16:00

9 Glenbervie Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 3JU

Wildflower meadow and fruit and vegetables

Interest for children

Teas and plants for sale

Entrance: by donation – suggestion £4 .00

Children free

Cecily Morris was our guest speaker a few years ago, when she presented ‘Keyhole Gardens and how to make one’ – seen at this link:


3 Acres and a Cow

Photos of last Saturday’s show at Leigh-on-Sea; courtesy of Adam Rees… Thanks to Robin Grey and Rachel Rose Reid …  ‘Three Acres and A Cow’ is a stunning show. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the night possible and to everyone who came down, brought yummy food and had a good sing! You can learn more about the issues here – … [Read more…]

‘Garden Organic’s Vision for the Future’: Monday 18 July 2016

Garden Organic represents organic growers and gardeners – especially ordinary gardeners and allotment holders, community groups and not-for-profit growers – to protect and preserve the rights of organic horticulture, and to resist attempts to restrict and contain organic growing. Garden Organic works with a wide variety of like-minded organisations to promote the benefits of organic growing for plants, people and communities, to share best practice and to engage hard-to-reach and disadvantaged communities in organic growing practice, backed by scientific research supporting a range of beneficial outcomes. Garden Organic’s Chief Executive James Campbell, an organic grower for 30 years, and with many years’ experience in sustainability, will talk about the role of Garden Organic in the 21st century. They are raising funds by selling 2016 calendars with lovely photos from their members and supporters. You can buy them here: … [Read more…]

‘Allotment battle with council officials’ courtesy of The Organic Way, Spring/Summer 2016

A correspondent in the latest edition of The Organic Way (page 27) has written in to say that (in his opinion) ‘many councils are not sympathetic to the ideas espoused (in a previous issue) because they apply the National requirement that all allotment plots must be, at a minimum, 75% cultivated and will throw this “accepted National Standard” at you if you dare challenge them’.  Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, we would love to hear from you!   … [Read more…]